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Tuesday, July 13
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Tuesday, July 13

Written by Alex Mullans
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Crazy hair day was today, and it was pretty darn sweet. Pat had some temporary hair spray with glitter, so we had about 20 people come to morning meeting with varying degrees of orange and green sparkly colors in their hair. We had a few students go for the last-minute approach, but by and large we had some great participation. Along with IM games, participating in special days like today also contributes points to the IM team tallies. We had a slightly higher count of people for morning meeting, but we're still going to have to work on those late sleepers! We also handed down the first batch of punishments today for monkeys who forgot their nametags or forgot to sign out: a counselor-aided rendition of the Chicken Dance.

Today was the first real group project time; between 9 and 5 except for lunch from 12 to 1, the monkeys are usually with the professors in project time, lectures, or other presentations. Today the faculty lectures started; as the students rotate through the various lectures, they'll learn about the passions of our professors as well as some interesting problems being studied in fields from computer science to mechanical engineering.


After dinner, we kicked off intramural sports (IMs) with some games of Ultimate Frisbee. We encourage everybody to play; IMs are designed to be fun and a relaxing break from the project time during the day. Those who don't play are encouraged to cheer; referees (aka counselors) are known to hand out extra points to teams that are super enthusiastic and/or creative with their cheers. Also, I'll try to get some stats posted from each day as soon as I get them from our counselors in charge of IMs.

Today was also the kick-off for our TTT series. TTT, short for Tasty Treat Tuesday/Thursday, is a biweekly event where we pack the monkeys in the vans (with seatbelts, of course :) ) and take them to some of the awesome dessert places in Terre Haute. Today we went to Ritter's Frozen Custard. For those who live outside Indiana, they have super-tasty shakes, sundaes, and glaciers (which are like Blizzards, but even thicker and with more candy). We also had various random activities going on around BSB Hall ranging from TV, movies, and video games to soccer on the south fields, board games, and some impromptu poker games.

Melton, the counselor in charge of tournaments (his given name is Matt, though almost no one calls him that), organized a rock-paper-scissors tournament in the lobby that proved to be quite a draw.

Midnight Madness was super-popular: campus-wide Capture-the-Flag. As of this writing, they're still at it (you may have noticed that we stay up pretty late... because sleep is totally better in short quantities). Rumor has it we'll also be going to White Castle later tonight as well...

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