Catapult 2010
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If you need information or need to talk to someone at Rose-Hulman during the session, someone on this list will help you out! Click on their name to send them an email, or feel free to give someone a call!

In the case of an emergency on campus, Rose-Hulman's Public Safety Office can be reached on campus at x8590, or off campus at (812) 877-8590.

If you're a parent and you need to contact Catapult staff or your student, please feel free to call Micah, Erik, or Dr. Brackin.

# Name Position Phone
1 Micah Aldrich Head Counselor (317) 410-4404
2 Erik Hayes Assistant Dean of Student Affairs (812) 236-0157
3 Dr. Patricia Brackin Program Director (812) 236-2649
4 Abby Croft Catapult Admissions Liaison
5 Alex Mullans Webmaster
6 Chris Baldwin Webmaster
7 Dr. Claude Anderson Professor
8 Dr. James Mayhew Professor
9 Dr. Scott McClellan Professor
10 Dr. Michael Robinson Professor
11 Dr. Renee Rogge Professor
12 Dr. JianJian Song Professor

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