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Session 2 Catapult Blog

Your guide to all things Session 2! We'll do our absolute best to keep this updated on a daily basis. Don't forget to check out the photos page as well!

Saturday, 04 September 2010 00:57

Project Reports Published

Written by Alex Mullans
See the Project Reports link up top.
Saturday, 31 July 2010 23:49

Session 2 DVD

Written by Alex Mullans

Some people have reported receiving blank DVDs (seems to happen to a few each year).

DVD is moved, and is now here.

Session I is here.

You'll need ImgBurn or something similar to burn the ISO to a disk (unless you have Windows 7 - in that case, just double-click the file and Windows ISO Burning should come up), or Daemon Tools to mount it if you don't want to actually write it to a disk (both utilities are free).

Tuesday, 27 July 2010 19:39

Monday, July 26

Written by Alex Mullans

Today we had the last two plant trips (turns out I spoke too soon a few days ago :o): Dr. Robinson took the chemical engineering groups to Terre Haute's wastewater treatment facility, and we took another group of students to see Rose-Hulman Ventures. We also got Catapult t-shirts distributed to the rest of the students.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010 19:36

Sunday, July 25

Written by Alex Mullans

I think we may have passed a new record for the number of Catapult students off campus at the same time today! Between 47 people at King's Island, 24 people at paintballing, and 12 people canoeing we had 83 of 111 students on activities at the same time! Those who remained on campus used the opportunity to catch up on sleep and have a nice relaxing day. Some of the counselors left on campus also had TV show marathons to pass the time.

Midnight madness was a cross-campus game of Sardines!

Saturday, 24 July 2010 17:56

Saturday, July 24

Written by Alex Mullans

Sure enough, yesterday's wakeup-free morning meeting was not a harbinger of today; however, the monkeys are getting better at this whole waking up thing, seeing as we only had to wake up 3 or 4 of them this morning.

We had a guest speaker from Raytheon speak to the students today before lunch. In the afternoon we had a series of tournaments organized by Melton ranging from poker to pool.

Photos posted for Thursday - Saturday.


Saturday, 24 July 2010 17:40

Friday, July 23

Written by Alex Mullans

Today we had a small miracle at morning meeting: everyone was on time! Chris and Predan enjoyed the short respite from having to wake people up - but we doubt it'll last too long. The last plant trip of the session happened today with some mechanical engineering students going to Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana down near Evansville.

We played our first round of basketball for intramurals; it's a good thing we were inside because today was the hottest day of the year so far in Terre Haute with a heat index high of 102°F.

After dinner a bunch of monkeys went with Micah, Caleb, and Bridget to Climb Time in Indianapolis for some awesome indoor rock climbing!

Midnight madness was ultimate frisbee on Speed Lawn.

Friday, 23 July 2010 03:16

Thursday, July 22

Written by Alex Mullans

This morning's morning meeting was special: our visitors from China's Huazhong University of Science and Technology gave a presentation about their home and their university. HUST and Rose-Hulman differ greatly in size, as it turns out: HUST has over 55,000 students (Rose tops out at 1,900). After the presentation finished, Dr. Brackin received a plaque commemorating the relationship between HUST and Rose; all the Catapult students also received Chinese opera masks.

Thursday, 22 July 2010 01:04

The Legend of Spooklight

Written by Chris Baldwin

So we took the kids to see a local legend the other day called Spooklight. It is a supposedly haunted road that has an eerie light crossing the road when summoned by the visitors. The story goes like this:

It was a cool October evening in 1894. Old man Lawry was waiting up for his daughter, his only child, to return home. Didn’t she notice the storm moving in? Where was she! He ponders that he should have never let her go. He had always been over-protective, but she was all the family that he had left! His beloved wife had died not long after Rebecca had been born. But Rebecca had begged to go to the social, so he had finally given in to her. He knew it was actually a bit early for her to be home, but there was a fierce looking storm way off to the west, moving their way……..

***CRACK**** Lightning flashed across the sky. The wind was starting to blow. Still no Rebecca! Where WAS she!! He knew she was 18 years old, but she was not that good at driving a horse & rig. Oh, if he could just see her coming up the road! John Lawry was over being mad…..he was getting frantic now! He was just about to convince himself that she had seen the storm coming and stayed at the church when there was a sudden movement out the window. Yes! It was a horse and buggy! Grabbing his raincoat, he dashed out the door, as the rain starts to fall in torrents. Running out into the rain, he grabs the harness and brings the panting horse to a stop.
“GET IN THE HOUSE!” he yells to his daughter. But there is no response…….

What’s this? John looks into the empty buggy. Where could she be? He looks in the obvious places with no success and then his eyes glance back down the dark, wet lane. Fear is slowly replaced by dread as John’s mind starts racing wildly. Rebecca is in trouble somewhere! He leaps into the buggy and whips the tired horse back into action. Down the lane, toward the church he flies. He can see steam rising from the horses back, but not much of anything else as the rain beats against the rig. The buggy slides around the corners, sending mud flinging. At the top of the first of the three hills, a bright flash of lightning illuminates the road ahead of him. There! At the bottom of the hill!!……..

Pulling back hard on the reins, the horse was more than happy to come to a stop, even if it was quite a job on a muddy steep downhill. John recognizes the dress on the figure lying in a heap in the mud. REBECCA! She must have been hurrying to get home before the storm and fell out on the rough downhill! Even before the rig had come to a complete stop, he was running to the body. Turning her over, John’s eyes fall on a most horrid sight. Her head! Where is her head?!! Apparently it had been severed by the buggy wheel……

Rebecca Lawry was buried in the family cemetery near where her body was found. Her head never turned up. It is assumed that some animal dragged it off. John Lawry never spoke much after that night. He would be seen in town occasionally, or around his house, usually muttering soft words to himself. But all night, every night after Rebecca’s death, he would go out with a lantern searching the area for his daughter’s head. Even after his death a number of lonely years later, and yes, even today, more that 100 years since that fateful night, the light from John Lawry’s lantern can be seen searching the woods of Spook Light Hill.


So, in order to see the light, the visitors must be on the 3rd hill, flash their brights 3 times and wait. Sometimes he shows up, sometimes he doesn't. We had about 6 groups go out the other night, and only a few of them reported seeing it. I know my van saw it, and I can't explain it. It was quite the experience.


Story courtesy of

Wednesday, 21 July 2010 23:48

Wednesday, July 21

Written by Alex Mullans

Today was another fairly standard day for project time. We had another plant trip; this one went to a Marathon oil refinery in the area and gave the students a chance to see some real world applications of chemistry and chemical engineering.

We had 2 sets of IMs today: volleyball and indoor soccer. Volleyball continued the catapulter vs. counselor sets in addition to the standard brackets; some of the teams came close, but we ultimately won all of the games (we've had a little more practice time then they've had).

Pictures posted for Tuesday/Wednesday!

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